Frequently Asked Questions

Gnanam can be described as the wisdom about the soul, the formation of the universe or the origin of space. True wisdom is to have complete knowledge of one’s own soul atom and formation of the God Particle.

Deekshai – Thee + Aksham. Thee means fire and Aksham refers to our eyes. This implies the process of initiation from a realized Guru to induce the divine fire in our eyes. Deeksha is the entrance to liberation of the soul. The ego (I), karma and maya are said to be three impurities of living beings. These impurities are the obstacles preventing one from realizing himself. You can also call it self realization. However, by the abundant grace of a realized Guru, these impure layers can be removed through the process called deeksha.

Any person irrespective of caste / creed / religion can get deeksha / initiation. He/she should be above 21 years of age.

From the time the higher divine beings descended at the Temple, various forms of deeksha was given by our Guru to the seekers aspiring for liberation of the soul including Sri Renukadevi Mantra deeksha. At present, with the arrival of Lord Shiva in the form of Vana Ishwar at the temple, Shiva Deeksha has been started and will be available for public to receive from January 2023.

Please refer the Deeksha page on our website for updates on the deeksha dates and mode of deeksha (online/offline).

Not at all. One can continue to lead a normal life and still attain liberation.

Deeksha is a very powerful tool to remove the impurities/ karmic layers which is the obstacle to self-realization. It will enable one to remove their many veils of ignorance to become receptive to the divine energies. It will be a gradual alchemical transformation process and one needs to practice regularly to cleanse oneself fully of the ignorance and realise the soul.

The sole purpose of our Temple is to help a person liberate his soul, thus relieving him from the continuous cycle of birth and death.

Participants who receive the deeksha from Gnanalayam are eligible for Soul Liberation. Athmas are liberated in circles which are in multiples of 2n. A total of 18 circles will be completed before the advent of the Golden Age.

We all know that the purpose of our birth is to go back from where we came from. Athmas (souls) who receive deeksha are qualified for Soul Liberation. Soul Liberation is a process where the individual Light Bridge of a person is merged with the Light Bridge of the Guru so that the divine energies are able to flow abundantly to the initiated disciple thereby furthering and speeding up their spiritual growth. With the abundant energies, trapped soul particles in the brain will get released faster and the soul will be able to ascend to the next level without having the need to take birth again on Earth in Kali yuga.

From the year 2016 onwards, divine beings – rishis, siddhars, gnanis, gods and goddesses have been descending in our temple from time to time. Their purpose/motive is to collect the seeds for the upcoming golden age.

Siddhars are divine beings who are in their kayakalpa body (molecular state) while Saptha Rishis are in their light body.

While soul liberation definitely prevents the soul atom from destruction and is the gateway to mukthi, there are several practices which can be followed to spiritually progress further. The divine beings have taught us breathing techniques, meditation practices like vaasi yogam to get a kayakalpa body or light body. While getting a light body is extremely difficult, it is not impossible if one is steadfast in the practices. However, we have not yet started teaching these practises. It will happen as and when we receive guidance from our Guru Amma to take it to humanity.

Please refer our website for the temple timings. All the divine beings descended at the Gnanalayam temple are merged in the jyothi (divine lamp). Our Guru Amma who attained mahasamadhi in September 2020 is also merged in the ever burning lamp at Gnanalayam. So devotees visiting the temple should sit facing the jyothi, connect with the divine light and meditate silently with eyes open for atleast one nazhigai (24 minutes). This will help the individual receive the energy of our Guru Amma and the divine beings in abundance. You can truly feel the vibrations of the temple if you block your mind of all thoughts and completely surrender to the divine light. Some aspirants may also be blessed to get visions of their favourite gods/ goddesses/ religious symbols etc in the jyothi itself.

Yes, women may enter the temple after balancing their downward descent of energies during mensturation by sprinkling turmeric water on head before entering the temple premises. This will help them connect and receive the energies better.

We have so far published 13 books which are not the work of any human being. All the books are the work of the Saptha Rishis, Lord Murugar and Goddesses, given to us through ‘thought manifestation’. They have been interacting with us periodically to give these treasures for the benefit of humanity. We can comfortably claim that the contents in these books defy the common theories of man, and have not been published anywhere else in the world. Two of these books are available in English, having been translated from their Tamil original. The books are highly scientific and the Temple is open to research for the scientific community.